About Us

“Survey Manual” is here to help people participate in customer satisfaction surveys and become the most benefitted individuals. Nowadays, many brands constantly seek to know what their buyers are ‘Getting vs Wanting’. They are inviting purchasers to share their shopping experiences. Hence, they are holding various satisfaction surveys where people are free to speak their hearts out. 

Well, when you, as a valuable customer, give your feedback, you will automatically become a part of the organization’s growth. How you wonder?! Keeping in mind your suggestions or the inconveniences you’ve faced, the organization will design its strategies and make necessary improvisations. And this will all lead to better services and products. Won’t you be happy to get the royal treatment from your favorite brand? 

Besides, here comes the real fun part – Rewards. Those who give out their feedback are appreciated with rewards by the organizations. While some brands shower with free discount coupons, some give out free entries into sweepstakes that hold grand prizes. And some restaurants do also offer free meals for their customers who share their valuable feedback. Very exciting, isn’t it?

But how, who, and where to participate in these surveys? Don’t worry. We’ve got you. Our survey portal is the home for customer surveys. All the know-how, detailed instructions, who can participate, etc. are neatly entailed just for you. We have taken all measures to give you a customized guide so that you can enter any survey you want and win the rewards without any hassle. 

From presenting the official site to participate, rules and requirements, stepwise participation process, rewards, to the most common FAQs, we got every of your question covered. Also, we got details of surveys currently being held by restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, retail stores, grocery stores, and entertainment organizations. 

So go through our blog and benefit yourself with a better shopping experience and also rewards. Last but not least, we, too, want to improve ourselves. So, for sharing your thoughts or any queries, contact us via this Contact Form.