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The current world demands taste over everything else possible. It led to the discovery of new things, which brought incredible sensations to an average human’s taste bud. Beverages of the modern era are such a discovery which brought immense pleasure to the food lovers who needed a different. Smoothies are one of the best beverages available, which have brought serious attention lately. Tropical Smoothie café is one such restaurant chain that first popularized smoothies among the people of the suburbs. They are famous for their signature smoothies, which are natural, healthy and, more importantly, tasty. The restaurant chain also offers basic dishes one could enjoy and eat for breakfast. A simple and casual-themed restaurant with tasty foods to serve is everything one could ever ask for, in order to improve more it introduced tsclistens survey for their customers.

The restaurant chain is becoming a fan favourite and is predicted to become one of the prominent restaurant chains by 2025. The brand has decided to further improve its growth plan by collecting customer reviews. Flaws of the restaurant chain can be found and corrected easily in this way. Thus, a customer survey is hosted by the Official TSC to collect the feedback of its customers. They will reward tsc customer survey participants with a minimum discount coupon or a coupon for a free smoothie.

Take Tsclistens Survey Details

Survey NameTSC Listens Guest Satisfaction Survey
CountryUnited States of America
LanguagesEnglish and Spanish
Survey URLwww.tsclistens.com
RewardsCoupon for a discount or for a Free Smoothie
Receipt Validity Period7 days from purchase

They motivate TSCListens to collect customer experience to improve the quality of products and services they provide in-store. They expect opinions from people to alter themselves. It has the ultimate objective of the company’s growth. One cannot defy the likings of his customers and grow simultaneously. The company’s actions must match customer opinions to succeed in the current market.
On the other hand, participants who give their reviews can expect better service from the stores as needed. Moreover, they are further motivated to give tropical smoothie cafe feedback due to the rewards. Thus, both sides have an advantage. It secured the information you share with the company through every means possible. So do give your opinions and data without any hesitance.

What are the Rules Applied for TSC Listens Review?

  • The participant must surely be a legal resident of the United States of America.
  • Candidates aged the person at least 18 or above. (Must not be a minor)
  • They must not be a current employee or an immediate family of a current employee of TSC.
  • You cannot claim the TSC listens to cash reward.
  • They must have consumed experience in any of the Tropical Smoothie Cafés.
  • You cannot combine TSC rewards with any other offers.
  • The participant will eliminate if mischievous, they find methods of entry.

How to Know Tropical Smoothie Cafe Survey Requirements?

  • The participant must have a functioning device to participate in the survey.
  • An undisturbed internet connection must be available with them.
  • The person must have a valid purchase receipt from TSC.
  • Past Consumer Experience in any of the TSCs available.
  • Sufficient knowledge in English or Spanish to read and respond to the contents of the tsc guest survey.
  • Valid Email ID and Contact Details is have to enter Tropical Smoothie Cafe survey.

What are the TSC Survey Questions?

  • TSCListens can ask questions related to the current trends appreciated by the customers in the market.
  • It can also ask queries related to the Staff and their behaviour towards the customers.
  • They may question the status of cleanliness and sanitation in the cafés owned by TSC.
  • Other questions regarding the quality of food and services provided.
  • They can also enquire about customer expectations for an ideal store in the TSC Survey.
  • It would help if you answered all these questions with the experience gained by the participant during his latest visit to TSCs.

What is the Process to Participate in www.tsclistens.com?

  • A valid purchase receipt must be in your possession before taking the tsc customer experience survey.
  • Now, visit the Tropical Smoothie Café Official Survey Website through the link www.tsclistens.com.
  • It will take you to the entry page of the tropical smoothie cafe customer satisfaction survey. Now, choose the language which you are most comfortable with. Either English or Spanish.
  • Then, Fill in the required fields like the date and time of the visit, transaction number and the store number. This information will be readily available in your buy receipt.
TSC Guest Survey Image
  • Next up, submit the information by clicking the next tab. You will now take to a page with a list of questions.
  • These questions are required to be filled in directly or to be rated with the help of polarities.
  • You must answer the questions through the experience gained by the consumer.
  • After answering the questions, you will be required to fill in details like your contact number and email ID. Do fill in the details without fail.
  • Once you submit the details, a validation code will appear before you. Note it down and use it during your next purchase in TSC.

How to Earn Tropical Smoothie Cafe Rewards?

Upon completing the survey, it will give the participants a validation code. They requested the participants to note this because the code will appear only once. You can use this code on their next visit to TSC. This code will redeem you a free discount or even a free smoothie from the restaurant. The Official Tropical Smoothie Café sponsors the reward. And these tropical smoothie cafe coupons rewarded here are non-transferrable. They cannot combine the Tropical Smoothie Cafe rewards with the current running offers of the company. Expiration periods accompanied these rewards. So they requested the participants to redeem the rewards before their expiry date.

About Tropical Smoothie Café

This popular restaurant chain started as a Small smoothie shop to satisfy small-time consumers with its tasty beverages in 1997. It started to set up franchises with the help of customer support it got initially. They will sell normal smoothies with simple dishes like sandwiches ad wraps. The café brand started to pick up throughout the whole nation. Every single restaurant of theirs offers a beach house theme with white walls, an open kitchen, vibrant colours and tropical artwork. The restaurant chain now has a working population of over 2000+ with a revenue of $500 Million.

NameThe Tropical Smoothie Café
Founded on1997
FounderEric and Delora Jenrich with David Walker
Number of Locations1000+
HeadquartersAtlanta, Georgia , United Nations.
ProductsSmoothies, wraps , salads , sandwiches , breads and much more

How to Contact Tropical Smoothie Café’s?

  • Phone Number : (770) 821-1900
  • Headquarters: 1117 Perimeter Center West, Suite W200, Atlanta, GA 30338, USA.
  • TSC hours(Working): 7.00 AM to 9.00 PM
  • Email ID: support@tropicalsmoothie.com

Tropical Smoothie Café’s Social Media Profiles

  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/TSmoothieCafe
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tropicalsmoothiecafe
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tropicalsmoothiecafe/
  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TSCOfficial/featured

Tropical Smoothie cafés Near You

Use the official store locator link to find the TSC near me location: https://locations.tropicalsmoothiecafe.com/

Frequently Answered Questions

How to get rewards from Tropical smoothie café ?

You will be rewarded a point with every dollar you spend. Every 55 points will amount to $5.

What time does Tropical smoothie café close ?

Closing of tropical smoothie cafe hours are around 9.00 to 10.00 PM.

What time does Tropical smoothie café open ?

Mostly around 7.00 to 8.00 AM.

Where is the closest Tropical smoothie café ?

Use the link to find your tropical smoothie cafe near me location – https://locations.tropicalsmoothiecafe.com/

Who owns Tropical smoothie café ?

TSC is owned by Levine Leichtman Capital Partners.

Where to purchase Tropical smoothie cafe gift cards ?

Gift cards can be purchased from the official website or cafés of TSC.

How do Coupons work in TSC ?

TSC coupons codes must be used during checkout, which will minimise the cost of purchase finally.

How to check Tropical Smoothie Café gift card ?

Call 770-821-1900 or use the link – https://www.tropicalsmoothiecafe.com/gift-cards/ to check your tsc gift card balance

Does Tropical smoothie café deliver ?

Yes it will. (Has distance limits though)

Conclusion :

Tropical Smoothie café has been serving the best of beverages and casual breakfast foods to its customers for more than 25 years. Compared to other big restaurant chains, TSC proves to be a promising one with a very strong future even for an amateur. The quality of hearing out their customers will further uplift their growth.

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